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    Tickets for night concerts at the Castle (starting at 21:00)

    • Ticket 24 JULY: 10 euros
    • Ticket 25 JULY: 15 euros
    • Ticket 26 JULY: 15 euros
    • Ticket 27 JULY: 20 euros
    • 2-day pass (26 & 27 JULY): 30 euros (update on 2019-07-23: pass now only available in Sines, and with a limited edition)
    • 4-day pass (24-27 JULY): 50 euros

    VAT included at the legal rate in force

    Tickets for the concerts at the Centro de Artes de Sines' auditorium

    • Ticket 22 JULY: 10 euros
    • Ticket 23 JULY: 10 euros

    VAT included at the legal rate in force

    Free admission concerts

    All the concerts in Porto Covo, on the Av. Vasco da Gama and the Largo Poeta Bocage stages. The 18:00 concerts at the Castle are also free of charge.

  • POINTS OF SALE Network

    Online: (choose the English language on the right upper corner)
    Physical points of sale network in Portugal (see list)

    Ticket offices in Sines

    • Until 21 JULY: Centro de Artes de Sines
    • From 22 JULY on: old postal office - Praça Tomás Ribeiro
      • 22 & 23 JUL: 14h00-00h00
      • 24-27 JUL: 14h00-01h00

    Note: Tickets for the concerts at Centro de Artes de Sines are only sold at the venue.

  • AGE

    – Age limits: M/6 (Children of under 6 years of age may only attend the concerts subject to the parents or identified adult accompanying the same assuming full responsibility).

    – Children of under 12 years of age do not require a ticket.


    – Tickets and passes printed out at national points of sale (or at home by the purchaser in the case of online transactions) must be exchanged for wristbands at the local ticket offices.
    – These entrance wristbands must be attached to the wrist.
    – Keep the wristband until the end of the concerts in case you need to reenter.
    – A ticket / wristband does not guarantee spectators a seat. The Castle is equipped with benches (550 places).
    – In the event the date or venue of a show is altered, the tickets will be valid for the definitive date and venue and will not be refunded.
    – There is an area for wheelchair users in the Castle (the cafeteria deck).
    – Animals will not be allowed into the night concerts at the Castle (except certified guide dogs).
    – Dangerous objects (including cans and glass bottles) will not be allowed into the concert areas.
    – Audio and video recordings of the shows are prohibited.
    – All the photographer areas are reserved for accredited professionals.
    – Taking photographs of the concerts in the Arts Centre is prohibited.
    – At the end of afternoon concerts in the Castle, spectators should leave immediately to enable the organisers to prepare the venue for the night shows.
    – On entering the festival areas, spectators accept their image may be captured and recorded during the events and that no image rights are due for the use of the same in FMM Sines information / promotion.


    There will be a Spectator Support Office inside the Castle during the concerts. This office will provide the following services: general information, complaints book, lost and found and first aid.