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How do I get in contact with the FMM press office?

Support to the press is provided by the Sines City Council information department. These are their contact details:

Câmara Municipal de Sines
A/C UDL - Comunicação e Imagem
Largo Ramos Costa
7520-159 Sines

Tel. (+351) 269 630 665

How do I request credentials?

Please contact the press office.

Where is the press office located during the festival and what services do they provide?

The festival has two press offices: one in Porto Covo and another in Sines (in the Castle). The press offices possess the technical and logistic conditions for journalists to produce and submit their articles (wi-fi, tables, chairs, support with regard to relations with performers and members of the organisation, etc.). Although some computers are provided to the press offices by the organisers, we recommend you bring your own laptop. Special needs should be requested of the organisers in advance.

I'm a journalist travelling from abroad. Does the festival assist with accommodation and meal expenses?

There is no general rule on this issue. Each case is different. Please contact us.