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The village: Porto Covo

Porto Covo is a parish and village in the southern Sines region. Porto Covo is a picturesque village in the Alentejo lined with whitewashed houses with blue stripes, red doors and lace curtains. Some of the most beautiful and welcoming beaches on the Alentejo coast lie in the vicinity of the village, as well as one of its most noteworthy attractions: the island of Pessegueiro, an old Roman port, home to jackdaws and the stuff of legends. Porto Covo is also an excellent starting point for visiting the region´s backlands, the great Alentejo plain, which stretches beyond the Cercal Hills.

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The city: Sines

The city of Sines is a contrasting place: it is home to a major port and industrial region, but, above all, it is a historic site, with a seaside tradition and an ancestral fishing community. It is this old and authentic Sines that visitors to FMM are going to find. All the events of the festival take place in the old town, between the castle on top of the cliff and the promenade on Vasco da Gama beach. Strolling through streets from which the sea is always visible, visitors will be engulfed in memories of days gone by. The city has had its own administration since 1362 and was the birthplace of Vasco da Gama, the explorer who discovered the sea route to India.

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The region: The Alentejo coast

The Cape of Sines lies right in the middle of the Alentejo coastline, one of the most genuine and well-preserved regions in Portugal. The plains, hills and peaceful countryside merge into a long line of wild beaches, most of which are in protected areas. On the way to the coast visitors will pass through sparsely populated and well-conserved settlements, villages and small towns with an excellent heritage. We recommend hiking enthusiasts explore this region along Rota Vicentina, one of the most spectacular pedestrian trails in southwest Europe.

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