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How to get to Sines and Porto Covo

Sines is a municipality in the mid-Alentejo coast in Portugal, around 160 km south of Lisbon. The concerts are to be held at two locations in the municipality in 2019: in the village of Porto Covo (18 to 20 July) and the city of Sines (21 to 27 July).

How to get there by bus

Sines and Porto Covo are served by Rede Expressos (

Transport between Sines and Porto Covo

Porto Covo lies around 13 km south of Sines. A car is required for travelling between Porto Covo and Sines, as public transport times ( are not compatible with the times of the concerts. If you don´t have a car and wish to attend every day of the festival, we recommend you stay in Porto Covo on the days concerts are held in Porto Covo and in Sines on the days concerts are held in Sines. 

Concert venues

The concerts in Porto Covo will take place at Largo Marquês de Pombal, in the centre of the village. The concerts in the city of Sines will be held on several different stages in the old town (none of these stages in Sines are more than 5 to 10 minutes away from each other on foot).