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19 July - Thursday

Porto Covo

Aldina Duarte (c) Isabel Pinto

Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

Aldina Duarte has taken a path in fado that matches in-depth knowledge of the history of her art with a desire to try and create something new. A Fadista (Fado singer) residing in Senhor Vinho, one of the temples of fado in Lisbon, she likes to turn the work of great writers she loves into fado as well as singing her own creations. Her new album, "Quando se ama loucamente", is a concept album, an auto-fiction on traditional fado structures and also a tribute to writer Maria Gabriela Llansol. This is a rare album in the history of the fado as she is the first Fadista / lyricist to write all the lyrics. A laudation of passion from one of the most intense interpreters of fado.

Lekhfa (c) Omar Mostafa


Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

Maryam Saleh and Maurice Louca, both Egyptians, and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, an Egyptian of Palestinian origin, grew up in Cairo in the 1990s and each established their place in the alternative Arabic music scene. From meeting on a beach in Alexandria, with trips to Amman, Cairo and Beirut, they dedicated three years of their life to record the album "Lekhfa", about the poems of Mido Zoheir, the "fourth member" of the band and one of the most talented Egyptian poets of his generation. With delicate instrumentals and voices that can pierce our hearts, they have created an imaginary place where, instead of nihilism, one can live in a state of "jubilant despair".



Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

The Barbez band comes from a particular New York musical scene that makes a point to maintain connections with Europe, its culture and its history. An identity built on experimental rock, old cabaret memories, Eastern European songbooks and contemporary classical music. Formed in Brooklyn in the late 1990s, it is a creation of guitarist Dan Kaufman. They recorded six albums, two of them inspired by Jewish history. In their third time at the festival, they present a record dedicated to the Spanish Civil War’s songs of resistance. A tribute to the American volunteers of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, who risked their lives to fight fascism in Spain.