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19 July - Friday

Porto Covo

Revolutionary Birds

REVOLUTIONARY BIRDS (Tunisia / Britanny - FR / Lebanon)

INATEL Stage @ Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

When music of apparently unrelated origins comes together, the art is in the quality of the stitching. And so it is with this trio: a meeting of minds where you can’t see the join and no loose threads remain. In one corner is Mounir Troudi, Sufi singer and jazz musician, one of Tunisia’s most renowned artists. In the other is Erwan Karavec, player of the Breton bagpipes. The rhythm binding them together is made by the daf and darbuka percussions of French-Lebanese Wassim Hallal. They have been together since 2015, and an album, ‘Revolutionary Birds’ (2017), captures their essence for eternity. Live, the mission is always the same: to seek beauty in unexpected musical pairings.

The Tune

THE TUNE (South Korea)

INATEL Stage @ Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

A female quintet whose repertoire of traditional Korean music is just the starting point, The Tune are infused with the spirit of Korea, but also nod towards jazz, a daring taste for contemporary classical and the passion of Gipsy music. Their line-up includes Go Hyun Kyung on vocals, Lee Yu Juin on the piano, and Seo Min Gi on the piri and taepyungso wind instruments. Song Han Eol plays percussion and Lee Soung Soon, beside janggu percussion plays the haegeum, a kind of Korean fiddle. The sheer range of their repertoire epitomises the group’s taste for the experimental. They can go from a North Korean fisherman’s work song to another sung in Spanish with Middle Eastern rhythms. Korean music that is as far as you can get from K-Pop.

Keziah Jones (c) Laura-Marie Cieplik


INATEL Stage @ Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

What is Blufunk? ‘Blufunk is a Fact!’ was Keziah Jones’s answer in the title for his debut album, released in 1992. Born in Nigeria, influenced equally by Jimi Hendrix, Fela Kuti and Miles Davis, Keziah Jones has been one of the foremost blues-rock musicians on the European scene since the 1990s. Pounding the London and Paris metros, he forged his own sound, a fusion of hard-hitting blues, funky rhythms, soul and his Yoruba roots: in short, the Blufunk that is his artistic trademark. Guitarist, composer and singer, he has recorded six studio albums and popular airplay singles such as Rhythm Is Love and Beautiful Emilie, black music as hot as it is smooth.

Luedji Luna (c) Helen Mozao


INATEL Stage @ Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

The first time that Luedji Luna felt the discomfort of not belonging was as a teen, in a class on heredity. Her classmates spoke of their Portuguese and Italian ancestors, but she knew nothing of her origins, or from what part of Africa she had come. An ancestral longing felt as a black woman, but also as a young person who left vibrant Salvador da Bahia to seek fame and fortune in São Paulo. Her debut album, ‘Um Corpo no Mundo’ (2017) speaks precisely about all this, influenced by samba circles, afoxé, Cuban jazz, and Afro-Brazilian sounds. The traumas of African genocide haunt the lyrics, but without self-pity. The power of love and the Orixás lead the way.