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26 July - Thursday


Susana Travassos


Sines - Centro de Artes

Susana Travassos is a singer with a clear and precise voice. Born in Faro, she learned to play the accordion, piano and took lyrical and jazz singing lessons. Her albums include a tribute to Elis Regina, a collaboration with composer Chico Saraiva, and in her most recent work, "Pássaro Palavra", recorded in Buenos Aires, she debuts as a lyricist. In recent years, Susana has created a space for herself on the other side of the Atlantic. She lived in Brazil and worked in Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina. In Brazil, she collaborated with renowned artists such as Zeca Baleiro, who describes her singing as "limpid and intense", typical of an artist who "sings her village and, hence, her singing has a universal appeal".

Timbila Muzimba


Sines - Castelo

Timbila Muzimba celebrates the music of Mozambique with an instrument that is the pride of the country, the m’bila (plural: timbila), xylophone of the Chopi people who inhabit the provinces of Gaza and Inhambane. The orchestra was created in 1997 by a group of musicians and dancers who grew up in the outskirts of Maputo, joined by other musicians from the capital with roots in the northern and central provinces. With the m’bila polyrhythms always present, their repertoire has its source in all corners of Mozambique. A gig with eight musicians and dancers, impelled by the sound of the timbila and the movement of the "muzimba" ("body" in the Chopi language).

Guy One

GUY ONE (Ghana)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

Guy One brings to Sines the style of frafra music, originating in a small area in northern Ghana in its most authentic and organic version. Guy is a true people’s artist. He grew up as a goatherd and cowherd, without going to school, a self-taught singer using cans and broomsticks to build his own kologo (a kind of two-stringed banjo played in frafra music). He became a celebrity in his native Bolgatanga, playing at weddings and funerals, and then on a nationwide scale, winning prizes and appearing on TV. Now with an album on the international circuit, "# 1", released by German label Philophon, Guy One reaches the ears of the world.


CHASSOL (France)

Sines - Castelo

Pianist, composer, arranger and musical director, Parisian-born Christophe Chassol is the kind of artist who creates his own language, unclassifiable and incomparable. His works articulate voices, music, sounds and images into new objects, which he calls "ultrascores". He arrived here after fifteen years composing scores for film, television and advertising, that is, always focused on the connection between sound and image. With references in the minimalist school and pop culture, his gigs are like audio-visual conceptual art. "Anti-voyages" that led him to New Orleans ("Nola Chérie"), India ("Indiamore") and West Indies ("Big Sun"), where he filmed and gathered concrete sounds.


HUUN-HUUR-TU (Tuva - Russia)

Sines - Castelo

Founded in 1992, Huun-Huur-Tu is probably the group that most contributed to popularise Tuva music in the rest of the world. Formed by shepherd descendants, the whole aesthetics of the quartet revolves around the poetry of the pastures of the Altai mountains. The khöömei guttural chant, a fundamental element of the band, is the production of a low tone around which two harmonies are born, one similar to a murmur and the other to a whistle. With their singing, traditional costumes, stringed instruments and percussions, they transport the audience to the landscapes of southern Siberia. If you hear the wind and the galloping of horses in their music, you will not be mistaken.

Sofiane Saidi

SOFIANE SAIDI & MAZALDA (Algeria / France)

Sines - Castelo

His is known as the "Prince of Raï 2.0", the new exponent of the most feverish style of Algerian music. Born in Sidi Bel Abbès, at age 15 he already sang in the most legendary clubs of Oran. In Paris, where he emigrated to, he became a creature of the night. He sang in cabarets, clubs, bars, accompanying DJs on the banks of the Seine. Then came the big stages. Like Khaled with his magic band in the 90s, Sofiane Saidi found in the Mazalda sextet the environment that helps him to focus. A band with instruments like the saz and the mezoued, but essentially electric, bringing to our days the classic raï sound that Sofiane has in his husky and warm voice.

Markus & Shahzad

MARKUS & SHAHZAD (France / Pakistan)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

A West meets East ensemble in which the protagonists are French oud player Markus and the Pakistani singer Shahzad Santoo Khan. It all happened in 2013, in a very 21st century fashion, when on an autumn night, Markus won a new friend on social networks: Shahzad, a singer living in distant Lahore. The son of a family of qawwals, Shahzad has always wished to have experiences with other cultures. After a saga of refused visas, the face-to-face meeting took place in 2015 in Paris. With Xavier Pourcher, on the psychedelic keyboards and programming, and Régis Martel, on the drums, mestizo and hypnotic music guided by the adage "the world is a village".

Gili Yalo

GILI YALO (Ethiopia)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

Gili Yalo is a singer and songwriter who carries in his music the story of one of the most dramatic episodes of the Ethiopian Jews. Lost in Sudan, after a desert walk to escape the Ethiopian regime, Gili and his family were among the thousands of refugees Israel rescued in 1984, in the Moïse Operation. In his new land, Gili never lost the nostalgia for what he had to leave. His debut album is a direct link to 70s Ethio-jazz, enriched by soul, funk and modern Tel Aviv production. A James Brown and Mulatu Astatke crossover, between English, Hebrew and Amharic, he blends today's music with yesterday’s memories.