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25 July - Thursday


Banda das Crechas

BANDA DAS CRECHAS (Galicia - Spain)

Sines - Castelo

The Casa das Crechas is an iconic venue in Santiago de Compostela, a sanctuary for live music in Galicia. In existence for more than 30 years and with a multi-generational line-up, Banda das Crechas is a select group of musicians who play at the foliadas (parties) organised at the Casa. The music is traditionally from Galicia and across the peninsula, sung or instrumental, but always open to new ideas. As Uxía Senlle has written, Banda shows the world "Galician tradition at its most playful and participatory". Since recording the album ‘ABCD’ in 2010, Banda has been bringing the Casa vibe to stages around the world. In 2019 and at Sines, they commemorate the National Day of Galicia with the support of the local regional authorities.

Le Trio Joubran (c) Luc Jennepin


Sines - Castelo

The lute is a weapon – for peace – in the hands of Samir, Wissam and Adnan. Three brothers, three oud (Arab lutes), and a pact with dignity and freedom for the Palestinian people. Coming from Nazareth and descended from an old line of lute makers, the instrument is like an extension of their bodies. An instrument for soloists, they have made it a communal experience, capable of coexisting in harmony in the bosom of the trio, with the percussion of Youssef Hbeisch and all the other musicians they have collaborated with. ‘The Long March’, their 2018 album, full of complex and atmospheric arrangements, is a homage to the lute and to oppressed indigenous peoples everywhere. Live on stage, a taste for improvisation that is part of their character lifts them up and away.

Gipsy Kings by Diego Baliardo


Sines - Castelo

The greatest sensation of gypsy music emerged in the 1980s, somewhere between Arles and Montpellier in the south of France, after a meeting between two families: the Reyes and the Baliardo. Split between the USA and Europe, the Gipsy Kings nowadays play in different line-ups, without sacrificing the band’s spirit or repertoire. The band coming to Sines has one of the original members holding the fort, Diego Baliardo, left-handed guitar virtuoso with a percussive playing style. With him, he has assembled a group of musicians from the latest generation of the Baliardo family. The rumba flamenca, principally in a more rock and roll, Catalan mode, is their compass. Vocals and guitar at an unstoppable gallop, in a concert sure to bring out the classics.

Branko (c) Maria Rita

BRANKO (Portugal)

Sines - Castelo

If up to the end of the 20th century you asked someone, what was the ‘sound of Lisboa’, the answer would be easy - Fado. Then the 21st century brought with it a movement that complicated matters. The ‘sound of Lisboa’ is today also the sound of electronic music in constant dialogue with the city’s African heritage. João Barbosa (Branko), founder of Buraka Som Sistema and of label Enchufada, and activist for ‘global club music’, is one of the artists and main cultivators of this sound. His solo live debut at FMM Sines is taking place the same year the album ‘Nosso’ is released. The pounding rhythms of the Portuguese diaspora are loaded upfront: Afro-house, tarraxo, zouk, baile funk. A celebration of dance as a love for life and dance music as a cultural phenomenon.



Sines - Castelo

Kokoroko means ‘be strong’ in Urhobo and this London collective is certainly following its call. On the frontline, a statement of female strength the likes of which we rarely see: three women on brass - Sheila Maurice-Grey, leader, on trumpet; Cassie Kinoshi, on alto saxophone; and Richie Seivwright, on trombone. The backing band is all male: Oscar Jerome (guitar), Yohan Kebede (keyboards), Mutale Chashi (bass), Onome Ighmare (percussion) and Ayo Salawu (drums). Most of the musicians’ roots are in West Africa and they come from a jazz background. Inspired by Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor and Tony Allen, it was their love for Afrobeat that brought them together. What made all this possible was the multicultural vibe at the heart of London.

Fanfarai Big Band (c) Justine Darmon

FANFARAÏ BIG BAND (France / Algeria)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

Twelve multi-instrumentalists form a ‘band’ which, as the years go by, has never been afraid to be ‘big’ - a quintessentially French affair, founded in Paris in 2005 with members from both sides of the French ‘Hexagon’, from Brittany to the southeast Mediterranean coast. The main inspiration comes from the other side of the ocean: raï, the rebellious, louche rhythm created more or less a century ago by women in Algeria and Morocco. The band calls itself a ‘mutation of a traditional Algerian street band’ and declares its faith in the title of its most recent album: "Raï is not Dead". Being on a jazzy tip, don’t come expecting to hear the raï of Khaled, but ample proof of the genre’s vitality.

Frente Cumbiero (c) Camilo Pachón


Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

The new wave of cumbia has been well represented in the last few FMM Sines festivals and so it shall be in 2019 also, with the presence of one of the groups to spearhead the movement - Frente Cumbiero. This quartet based in Bogotá is led by the producer and composer Mario Galeano. The line-up boasts Pedro Ojeda on kettledrums, Sebastián Rozo on euphonium and Marco Fajardo on saxophone and clarinet, instruments with an organic sound that dance around the synth sounds of Galeano. The creative process all begins with an immense collection of classic cumbia records, mostly from the 60s and 70s. From there the samples are extracted and inspiration flows. The final product is a tropical delight, music steeped in the past that is reborn with every step it takes.