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24 July - Wednesday


Ethno Portugal

ETHNO PORTUGAL (Portugal / World)

Sines - Castelo

The FMM Sines festival is a long one. It can afford to have a number of different rollouts. The opening of the Castle stage is just one, and always a special occasion. In 2019, it’s the turn of a one-of-a-kind show, forged by fifty musicians and dancers from different countries. Each musician came with a piece of music representing their culture. This was then brought before the orchestra and recreated with the help of music mentors. The entire process took place orally, played by ear and without a score. The dancers, guided by a dance mentor, interpret each story. On stage, the choreographies veer between traditional dances and original work, in which the public is also invited to take part.

Melanie de Biasio (c) Olivier Donnet


Sines - Castelo

The relation between sound and silence is one of music’s mysteries. And then there are voices like Melanie de Biasio’s, where silence, more than a framework for sound, sinks in and becomes an integral part of the timbre, adding tonal chiaroscuro to its expressiveness. Born in Charleroi, Belgium, she is one of the great singers of European jazz. As well as a singer, she is also a flautist, because every breath the artist takes is not to be wasted. Backed by musicians who are partners in delicateness, her musical genre might be jazz, but it also dips into atmospheric pop and celestial trip-hop. Three albums, the most recent being ‘Lilies’ from 2017, keep the secret. On its first night, the Castle stage is transformed into a nightclub, where beauty demands our attention.

Nubya Garcia (c) Fabrice Bourgelle


Sines - Castelo

Daughter of Caribbean parents (her mother is from Guyana and her father Trinidad), Nubya Garcia is also the offspring of a bustling London music scene. It was at home, encouraged by her mother, and on the streets of Camden, where the counterculture beckoned, that she found room to grow and discover her voice. A saxophonist and composer, she is one of the new faces of British jazz, winner of the award for best new artist of 2018 by Jazz FM, in no small part thanks to the success of her debut album, ‘Nubya’s 5ive’. Though well versed in the classics, her jazz is influenced too by Africa, by urban, and by dance music. All she asks is for the public to be present in the moment.

Dino D'Santiago

DINO D'SANTIAGO (Portugal / Cape Verde)

Sines - Castelo

He was a name and face known to Portuguese music fans for a while, but they didn’t seem to see him properly. His album ‘Mundo Nôbu’ broke out and he hit the spotlight. The Play - Prémios da Música Portuguesa 2019 awards were his crowning achievement: Best Album, Best Solo Artist, the Critics’ Prize. Dino D'Santiago is turning out to be one to watch on the Afro-Lisboa electro scene, which has delivered some of the best Portuguese music acts of the last few years. Born in the Algarve, but with firm ties to his Cape Verdean lineage, he lends his affable ‘image’ to songs built on rhythms from funaná, batuku, morna, kizomba and Afro-house. A voice of Portugal that is rich and varied.


LABRASSBANDA (Bavaria - Germany)

Sines - Castelo

On the contrary to what our misconceptions might tell us, Germany has a rich tradition in healthily messy party music. LaBrassBanda is a case in point. These seven musicians, together since 2007, mix Bavarian folk music with ska, punk, techno, reggae and, as their name suggests, marching band music. On stage, they are a happy, barefoot, casually dressed crew. Leading the dance is the good-humoured founder, trumpeter and master of ceremonies Stefan Dettl. The remaining members rock out on brass (trumpets, tuba, trombone) while keeping the beat with the duo on drums and bass. Unpretentious fun for all generations.

Al-Qasar (c) Maruan Youssef

AL-QASAR (Algeria / Morocco / France)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

Al-Qasar, an Arabic hard rock band, emerged in 2018 in the most improbable of places: Los Angeles, California. Dreamt up by Franco-American producer Thomas Bellier, this is a voyage to the 1970s, and to the psychedelic underground scene that flourished in major capitals of the Levant and the Middle East: Istanbul, Beirut, Tehran. Eastern garage rock with guitar, keyboards, drums, lutes and darbukas in incandescent fusion. An aroma of spices in the air, mixed with the smell of tobacco. On stage are more musicians with an impressive resume, among them Simo Bouamar, Moroccan singer, Mehdi Haddab, Algerian hero of the electric oud, and Amar Chaoui, percussionist of Tinariwen. The lyrics, in classic Arabic, speak of chaos, oppression, freedom and passion.



Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

When the best of two ages come together as one: the rich past of a musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century – and the promising future of a new generation of musicians. We’re talking about Highlife, Ghana’s iconic musical genre, given a new sheen by 8 of the most talented young musicians found in Accra. Led by bassist Emmanuel Ofori, Santrofi the band has only just got started but knows exactly where it wants to go. What awaits is a future as one of Africa’s great musical ensembles, where no inch of the stage is wasted, guitars crisscross, traditional beats boom, brass instruments roar, voices chime in, and the dance sweeps us off our feet. The total experience of African music, with a debut album coming out later this year.