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25 July - Tuesday


Cantos de Cego (c) Miguel Prata


Pátio das Artes

On both banks of the Minho river, since the Middle Ages, many blind people made a living by singing in fairs, pilgrimages, markets and the main streets of big cities. The themes were those that people wanted to listen: crimes, romantic disillusionments, the lives of the saints, historical feats. It was this heritage and the wish to revisit it, that brought together César Prata, a Portuguese singer and multi-instrumentalist, and Ariel Ninas, an accordionist and folklorist from Galicia. Portuguese songs reached César Prata through the voice of singers who are still alive. Galician songs are the result of songbook research. Because of the increasing social protection of blind people in Spain, there are no longer blind people singing in the streets of Galicia.

JAE Sessions


Largo Poeta Bocage

São Martinho da Árvore is a parish in the countryside of the district of Coimbra. It has a beautiful church, the freshness of Mondego and now the loops of Jamin and Enjoying (JAE) Sessions, a project of friends Paulo Travassos and Zé Djaló, created in 2014. For JAE Sessions, everything is based on the love of music, in a self-taught way. Paulo gradually discovered each function of his electric guitar pedal. Zé became an experienced drummer. Improvisation is their creed, fusion music that is heard on the streets, bars, stages and even under the balcony of Paulo's house, where they recorded a mini-album called "Love". None of their gigs are the same. The gig in Sines will be unique.

Boi Akih


Centro de Artes de Sines - Auditório

In the Moluccas Islands, songs are liquid. They are endlessly sung near the sea, changing their tunes over time. These songs inspired the 7th album of this Amsterdam-based jazz band. The Melanesian connection is direct for singer Monica Akihary, with roots in that archipelago. She wrote the lyrics, in the Haruku language, the island where her father comes from. She is accompanied by guitarist and composer Niels Brouwer, clarinettist Tobias Klein and percussionist Ryoko Imai. In "Liquid Songs", the Moluccan tradition is present in the compositions, though in fragments. Thus, the spirit of these sacred songs is respected: they blend with the places they cross, like water.



Centro de Artes de Sines - Auditório

One of the best jazz trios of Spain is Galician. It was formed in 2000, in Santiago de Compostela, and features a melodic jazz, open to the influences that are most interesting every moment, without schools or models. The band’s name, Sumrrá – a transcription of the scream that drummer L.A.R. Legido gave one day in the "roar of a solo". Pianist Manuel Gutierrez and bassist Xacobe Martínez Antelo complete the trio. They play with lyricism, swing and humour. They have recorded five albums, won awards and acclaim from critics, but what drives them is the pleasure of flying on the wings of improvisation. “There is no intentionality. There is only life in the form of music.”

N3rdistan (c) Cécile Cellérier


Largo Poeta Bocage

N3rdistan is the country of nerds, of digital exiles. Walid BenSalim feels like one of them. In Casablanca, at the turning of the millennium, the Internet came as an emancipation. The kingdom of Hassan II had come to an end, a whole new world awaited beyond the Moroccan borders – even if only inside the chat rooms of mIRC. Walid, who now lives near the Pyrenees, makes music with material extracted from this global world - electronic, hip-hop - but also from timelessness: the great poets of Levant and Al-Andalus, the sounds of the Darija dialect. Widad Brocos, "the first Moroccan female rapper", flautist Benjamin Cucchiara and drummer Cyril Canerie also live in N3rdistan.

SRSS (c) Cátia Barbosa


Castelo - Terreiro (Castle grounds)

As fado should be listened to at a fado house, reggae/dub should be listened to with a sound system. It is thus, appealing to the purity of the experience of listening and feeling reggae, that Simply Rockers Sound System presents itself. Portable sound systems were firstly built in the 50s on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. In this 21st century version, the entire process is still analogue: a handmade preamplifier, wooden speakers, amplifiers that transmit sound without additives or filters, a single turntable. Ernesto Honesto takes the lead, selecting the albums and controlling the frequencies. Natty Fred and Joydan are the singers / MCs.