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25 July - Wednesday


YUMA (c) Saly Halima

ŸUMA (Tunisia)

Sines - Centro de Artes

ŸUMA brings a lesser-known side of Tunisia's urban culture to FMM Sines, of its alternative music, in this case, close to indie folk. Based in Tunis, ŸUMA are Sabrine Jenhani and Ramy Zoghlami, both singers and songwriters, Ramy being also a guitarist. A minimalist line-up that has just released the album "ghbar njoum / poussière d'étoiles" through Innacor label, best known for its experiences with Breton music, which opened new avenues for these two young creators from the southern shores of the Mediterranean. The result is delicate and emotional. Music in which the soul, trapped in the current political, social and cultural turmoil, launches itself in search for its missing part.

Elida Almeida


Sines - Castelo

Winner of the Prix Découvertes RFI 2015 and a hurricane on stage, Elida Almeida is one of the great talents to emerge recently in the Cape Verdean music scene. Born in 1993, on the island of Santiago, she grew up with her grandparents in the village of Kebrada, a mountainous place with no roads or electricity. She pays tribute to these origins in her second album, released in 2017. In this album, she affirms her African identity, blending Cape Verdean rhythms of batuque, funaná, coladera and tabanka with a Latin vibe. The themes addressed are the traditions and fragments of daily life in the sub-Saharan archipelago, a place of passage for sailors desirous of joining the two coasts of the Atlantic.

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek

DERYA YILDIRIM & GRUP ŞIMŞEK (Tur. / Fra. / UK / Ger. / It.)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek is a quintet of musicians from five countries (Turkey, Germany, Italy, UK and France), joined by their fascination for Turkish music. Built around the voice of Derya Yıldırım (also a saz performer), this quintet consists of Andrea Piro (bass), Graham Mushnik (organ, synthesizer, percussion), Antonin Voyant (guitar, flute) and Greta Eacott (drums and percussion). An international line-up dedicated to a repertoire of Turkish music that combines Anatolian folk with modern rhythms and elements of psychedelic, jazz, pop and funk music. Europe meets Turkey through versions of some of its most beloved artists.

Moon Hooch


Sines - Castelo

Moon Hooch seeks a synthesis between the most virtuoso jazz, the grooviest funk and the most pulsating dance music. They met in the New York subway, trying to call the attention of the passengers and avoiding the police! On stage, Mike Wilbur (saxophones), Wenzl McGowen (saxophones) and James Muschler (drums), also use electronic instruments, synthesizers, unpredictable gadgets (a road cone fixed to the mouth of the saxophone) and other more traditional instruments such as the clarinet. Committed to environmental causes, there is an energy in their music that seems to come from the centre of the Earth.

Alsarah & The Nubatones (c) Carlos Ramirez


Sines - Castelo

Alsarah is a Sudanese singer and songwriter and fate brought her to New York, where she rediscovered her past in a multicultural context. Born in Khartoum, she has been living in Brooklyn since 2004. Her band, The Nubatones, was born at a dinner table amidst conversations with an Egyptian percussionist, Rami El Aasser, about Nubian "songs of return", new immigration patterns and more generally about Sudanese and Egyptian culture exchange. Their shared immigrant background and the love for pentatonic sounds brought them together. Other musicians with cross-cultural biographies joined later. With a seven-year stage history and two albums in their pocket, they invite us on a journey into East African retro-pop.

Havana Meets Kingstone


Sines - Castelo

This history of this band begins in Australia, with Mista Savona, pianist and a prominent reggae figure in that country. He took the initiative to gather musicians from Cuba and Jamaica to produce an album that puts two powers of Caribbean music side by side. Islands separated by less than 400 km, we seldom witness a mix of these two traditions. Havana met Kingston on the album, in a documentary, and now live. Roots reggae, dub and dancehall on one side. Son, salsa, rumba on the other. The energy of Jamaican bass lines and sound systems fusing with the virtuosity of jazz and Afro-Cuban tradition. An amazing band that blends the best of both worlds.

Pekko Käppi

PEKKO KÄPPI & K:H:H:L (Finland)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L - acronym, which translated into English, means "Bones of Dead Mad Horses" - comes from Tampere, Finland's third largest city. The jouhikko, one of Europe's oldest bow instruments, and the centre of its music, which Pekko had to electrify when he played on the streets in order to compete with the bagpiper that was part of his ensemble. From this electrified jouhikko came the distortions that paved the way: folk meets psychedelic rock, blues and experimental pop music. K:H:H:L is the long name for the duo Tommi Laine / Nuutti Vapaavuori, whose guitar and bass are made of cigar boxes and have only two strings.


DUOUD (Algeria / Tunisia)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

DuOud is, as the name suggests, an oud duo, a.k.a. the Arabian lute, a line-up with two of its most innovative performers, Tunisian-born Jean-Pierre Smadja, known as Smadj, and Algerian Medhi Haddab, the lead singer of Speed Caravan. They got together in the bustling Paris music scene of the 90s and, after a few years’ break, they resurface with the same desire to cross their North African heritage with modern technologies. Classical Arabic songs and metallic environments, moments of acoustic purity and electronic saturation. After being at this festival with other projects, the "enfants terribles" of oud are back in Sines.

AMMAR808 (c) Diego Andrés Moscoso

AMMAR 808 (Tunisia)

Sines - Av. Vasco da Gama

A journey through North Africa aboard a vintage drum machine, the legendary TR-808. A project of Tunisian producer Sofyann Ben Youssef, with voices from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and a debut album to be released in 2018. The album's name, "Maghreb United", exposes at the same time "the illusion of borders and separatism”, proposing an electronic blend of traditional music from the entire Maghreb area. Songs with targ, gnawa and raï influences deconstructed from within through a TR-808, distorted gumbri, gasbah flute and zokra. Folklore, mythology, futurism, between the Maghreb and the space.