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23 July - Tuesday


Sax Machine


Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

A ticket to ride back to the future of great black music, in this alchemic fusion of hard-bop, Afrobeat, deep funk and hip-hop. Welcome to Sax Machine, the baby of French saxophonist Guillaume Sené and trombonist Pierre Dandin. To turbocharge this engine, enter the third element of the trio: RacecaR, a rapper from Chicago living in France. Sax Machine moves to a solid brass section backed up by loops, improvisation and the constant groove of RacecaR’s rhymes. If this concoction has a name, it would be hip-hop jazz funk and it has already resulted in two album’s worth of songs: ‘Speed of life’ (2014) and ‘Bubbling’ (2017). Music for those who like it fast.

Montanhas Azuis (c) Vera Marmelo


Sines - Centro de Artes

Marco Franco, Norberto Lobo and Bruno Pernadas are at the helm of this journey to an unknown continent. A new place on the map, a collaborative work from three of Portugal’s most original musicians of our time. From the bucolic intricacies of Lobo, to the expressionism of Franco and the irreverent harmonies of Pernadas, they have come together on one album which is a kind of ship’s log of this adventure: ‘Ilha de Plástico’ (Plastic Island), recorded in 2018. Resorting mostly to analogue instruments, from guitars to synthesisers, new ground is being broken. Most of the music was composed by Marco Franco, but the spirit of collaboration shines through. A voyage of discovery heading south, for those who like music which goes places.

Blu Samu (c) Mouniversal

BLU SAMU (Belgium / Portugal)

Sines - Centro de Artes

Born in Antwerp, she spent her infancy in Portugal, and is currently living in Brussels. Aged 24, her name is Salomé, and her roots are Portuguese and Cape Verdean. She is already (well) known in Belgium, where she was crowned best new Belgian talent of 2018 in the Red Bull Elektopedia awards. She gave her first concert in Portugal at the MIL Festival, in March 2019. Her performance at Sines will be an unmissable opportunity to get to know her music, a marriage between soul, jazz, funk and rap. Artists as distinct as Cesária Évora, Ella Fitzgerald, Adriana Calcanhotto and Lauryn Hill are her inspiration. Until her debut album comes out, we can check out her EP, ‘Moka’, and now, live, at Sines.

Flavia Coelho (c) Youri Lenquette


Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

Flavia Coelho’s career is a tale of love and the desire to make music. Born in Rio de Janeiro into a family from Brazil’s Northeast, in 2006 she decided to move to Paris with the goal of realising her dream of recording an album. In Europe, she bought an acoustic guitar and began writing songs, while singing in bars or busking on the street and in the metro. The more people she got to know, the more she grew as an artist. Meeting musician and producer Victor-Attila Vagh was where everything fell into place. Her first record, ‘Bossa Muffin’, came out in 2011. ‘Mundo Meu’ (2014) followed, and ‘Sonho Real’ in 2016. She lights up the stage. Forró, ragga, ska, dub. Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa. Sensuality in motion and an artistic nomad, both geographically and creatively.