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24 July - Tuesday


Carmelo Torres y Su Cumbia Sabanera


Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

Carmelo Torres, an accordionist, singer and composer, is one of the great protagonists of cumbia sabanera, a style within the accordion music of sabanero, a melange of genres that depicts the rural zone of San Jacinto, south of Cartagena, the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Son of tobacco farm workers and traditional accordion players, he grew up in a region populated by great musicians, such as Andrés Landero, the "King of Cumbia", who was his teacher. Accompanied by the Cumbia Sabanera band, Carmelo, known as the "Bible of the Accordion", carries the rhythms and stories of a hard life with him and his music as well as joy that makes up the life of his people.

Lajkó Félix


Sines - Centro de Artes

Lajko Felix was born in Vojvodina, a multi-ethnic region in northern Serbia, in the bosom of a Hungarian family. A child prodigy, he began by learning zither, which he plays in his gigs until today. As a teenager, he left for Budapest carrying a little more than a borrowed violin in his baggage. In Hungary, he laid the foundation of his career, where he collaborated with Alexander Balanescu, Boban Markovic and other renowned musicians. This virtuoso earned the epithet of the “Paganini from Vojvodina”. Some call him the Devil’s Violinist because of his passionate intensity. He plays folk, classical music, rock, jazz, improvised melodies. Coincidently he was born on the same day as Beethoven: December 17.


SUTARI (Poland)

Sines - Centro de Artes

The "Sutartinės" are Lithuanian songs sung by women with voices in perfect harmony. Together with other Polish folk songs they inspired this trio, formed in 2012. In addition to singing (sutari means 'to harmonize'), Basia Songin, Kasia Kapela and Zosia Zembrzuska play classical, traditional as well as less conventional instruments such as bottles, graters and other kitchen utensils. "Avant-garde kitchen music", sung by the fireplace while making a cake, pouring tea or listening to the clock tick. Their newest record is like taking a walk into the forest, a place where danger lurks, but also a place of personal growth.

El Leopardo

EL LEOPARDO (Colombia)

Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

In their first European tour, El Leopardo brings a techno Bogotá to Sines. The soul is producer and DJ Daniel Broderick (Dani Boom), a prominent figure in the Colombian electronic music scene. He began studying classical guitar and flamenco in the 90s, but it was in the French rave scene that he saw the light. Back in Colombia, Dani and his entourage organised raves for 5000 people in abandoned farms and buildings. El Leopardo is the skin that he wears now. Techno, house, dub textures with powerful bass and Colombian percussion. Music that resembles jungle rituals, with Pedro Ojeda on drums, El Chongo on percussion, Daniel Mitchel on bass and Mateo Rivano on visual art.