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23 July - Monday



TOOTARD (Golan Heights - Syria)

Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

TootArd have the troubled history of the place where they were born imprinted in their DNA: Majdal Shams, one of the few villages that remained inhabited after Israel occupied the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory, in 1967. Until the fate of the region is not resolved, whose annexation is not recognised by the international community, TootArd members live without a defined nationality, without a passport, only with a "Laissez Passer", which allows them to travel and gives title to their debut album. Created at a political crossroads, they found liberation in music, adopting a musical territory that stretches between the Levant, the Sahara and West Africa as theirs.


ŠIROM (Slovenia)

Sines - Centro de Artes

In Slovenia's karst landscapes, limestone rocks dissolve, lose their shape, sink into pits, multiply in caves and become water. The comparison with this Slovenian band’s music is irresistible. Purely instrumental (or almost), any conceptual definition of what Iztok Koren, Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin, musicians with punk and post-rock influences, can do is precarious. Using a paraphernalia of instruments (from banjo to ribab, from brač to balafon), a concert, with touches of imaginary folk, minimalist approaches and memories of encounters with musicians in India, Morocco, Mali, Greece and elsewhere.

Ethno-trio Troitsa (c) Thomas Renz


Sines - Centro de Artes

Three musicians, 30 instruments, hundreds of traditional songs and stories. Ethics of preservation, modernization aesthetics. The first line-up of the Ethno-Trio Troitsa was established in 1996 by the hand of Ivan Kirchuk, who since the 1980s has been touring villages on a mission to rescue repertoire music threatened by globalisation. After this group disbanded, rebirth came when Kirchuk brought Yuri Dmitriev and Yuri Pavlovsky to his side. With Kirchuk's charismatic voice (and Rasputin-like figure), the two "Yuris" add instrumental layers that give even more richness and texture to the many layers he himself added. A journey to the great musical plains of Belarus.

The Correspondents


Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

Approximately 10 years ago, a duo formed by MC Mr Bruce and DJ Chucks was born in London, quickly crowned as the "hip hop swing kings". Swing is the best word to define them, which gives unity to their journey as birds stealing from a nest full of pop, disco, drum'n'bass, soul and classic jazz material. With an intense stage career and a sparser recorded career, they sing with nostalgia for the clubs closed by gentrification, love in the back seat of a New York cab, the overpowering passions that concern friends. Their biggest mark, however, is left by the irresistible groove of their concerts.