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22 July - Sunday

Porto Covo

La Tène

LA TÈNE (Switzerland / France)

Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

La Tène is a Franco-Swiss trio with an unusual instrumental combination that blends hypnotic music with limitless genre boundaries. Music, recorded on two albums, with a timbre palette where the Indian harmonium is predominant, played by D'Incise, Swiss sound explorer, who also operates the electronics. His Swiss counterpart, Cyril Bondi, is the percussionist and Alex Degrenier, based in Paris, creates a rich diversity of musical textures with the accordion. Echoes of traditional music, repetition, ethereal harmonies and imaginary choreographies, with structures that dissolve because of the sensorial shock of the music.


KROKE (Poland)

Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

Kroke is one of the bands that most adeptly conquered world music audiences. They started out as a klezmer band, in the streets and clubs of the old Jewish district of Krakow (Kroke is Krakow in Yiddish). Today, they are more open to other traditions and to improvisation. The friends who founded the band in 1992 will be in Porto Covo - Tomasz Kukurba (viola), Jerzy Bawoł (accordion) and Tomasz Lato (double bass) - plus Sławek Berny on percussion. Since their discovery by Steven Spielberg during the filming of Schindler's List, they have gone on to partnerships with Peter Gabriel, David Lynch and Nigel Kennedy. They already have 25 years together with many brilliant pages yet to be written.

Robert Finley


Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

In the small town of Bernice, Louisiana, lives an old carpenter who played and sang incognito on the streets of the southern United States most of his life. Now that his poor eyesight no longer allows him to work as a carpenter, the world has finally discovered him. When he was playing R&B on an Arkansas street, he met a member of the Music Maker Foundation, which supports musicians that have usually had a run of bad luck. His first album in 2016 had an invitation from Dan Auerbach (Black Keys), and amazed by the "magnetic immensity" of Robert's voice, guided him to record the second album, "Goin'Platinum!".

Meridian Brothers

Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

It all started in 1998 in Bogotá, around discarded music lost on old cassettes and a desire to experiment with alternative ways to play instruments and create music electronically. The band was then conceptual and Eblis Alvarez did everything. The band eventually gained live members and Eblis surrounded himself with new partners: Maria Valencia, Damian Ponce, Cesar Queveo and Alejandro Forero; a melding of hands, mouths, souls, percussion, woodwind, strings and synthesizers. Their stage performances can get a bit crazy: Latin American folklore, vallenatos, extensive use of sampling, theatrical interventions and fictional characters. These are the original psychedelic tropicals and now for the second time at FMM.