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21 July - Sunday




Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

In Portuguese language, a tranglomango is an ailment, a hex, a moment when our body or soul is out of sorts. In Portuguese pop music, it is a leading light of homegrown folk music that deserves more recognition, a group from Viseu which brings to roots music a solid grounding in rock with added accordion. Catarina Almeida (vocals, trumpet and guitar), Ricardo Augusto (accordion and vocals), Bruno Pinto (guitar), Ana Bento (bass and vocals) and Miguel Rodrigues (drums) are the band. Their repertoire is a mix of the classic songbook and originals that take their inspiration from popular culture. Music to get feet moving, somewhere between rock and folk dancing. The albums ‘Más línguas’ (2015) and ‘Virgínia’ (2018) are their calling cards.

Red Baraat (c) Mark Jaworski


Sines - Largo Poeta Bocage

"The best party band in years", said NPR radio. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, they are poster children for the great American metropolis: multicultural, vibrant, optimistic and open to the world. Founded in 2008 by Sunny Jain, a player of the dhol (an Indian drum), Red Baraat is a beat machine running on North Indian Bhangra music, also fuelled by hip-hop, jazz, funk, ska, as well as Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music and more. As The Telegraph wrote, "think Punjabi weddings (and) Delhi street brass bands", but as for us, we say, think anywhere in the world where people insist on having a good time.