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21 July - Saturday

Porto Covo

C4 Trío
C4 TRÍO (Venezuela)

Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

Understanding the C4 Trio requires some mathematical flexibility. For example, the band is called a trio, but there are four musicians. Whereas the name of its chordophone, an instrument related to cavaquinho, the numbers match: it is called cuatro and is played with four nylon strings. In the world of cuatro, the Venezuelan national instrument, there are few bands with their record: awards and nominations for Latin Grammys, acclaim in Venezuela and throughout South America. With Gustavo Márquez on the bass, Edward Ramírez, Héctor Molina and Jorge Glem make those four strings of the cuatro sound like a thousand! They arrive at the FMM with the rhythmic ballast of an album they recorded with a ska band.



Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

Meszecsinka ("little moon" in Bulgarian) is a psychedelic folk fusion band from Budapest, composed by Annamária Oláh, a singer with a dramatic voice, Emil Biljarszki (keyboards and guitar), Árpád Vajdovich (bass), Dávid Krolikowski (percussionist) and guest musician Karen Arutyunyan (guitar, douduk and flute). A multinational line-up where Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia and Armenian cultures meet through a musical trance territory where Bulgarian and Hungarian folk blends with flamenco, oriental music, rock and experimentalism. As featured in Songlines magazine, it’s wild music "like the soundtrack for a rave at the end of the universe".

Vieux Farka Touré


Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

Son of Ali Farka Touré and nicknamed the "Saharan Hendrix", Vieux Farka Touré is not caught up by expectations. Born in 1981 in Niafunké, his father was not very supportive of his dream to become a musician. It was Toumani Diabaté who helped convince Ali Farka, who ended up giving his blessing to his son's musical endeavours. He released his first album in 2007, but it was with "Fondo on Six Degrees" of 2009 that his personal style came to the surface; desert blues with influences from rock, funk, reggae, Latin music and sounds from other African latitudes. His guitar-playing skills quickly became his signature style. He premieres at FMM Sines with the album "Samba" and will perform as a trio.

BaBa ZuLa

BABA ZULA (Turkey)

Porto Covo - Largo Marquês de Pombal

BaBa ZuLa is one of the bands that best honours the psychedelic rock tradition of Istanbul, which had its golden years in the 60s. Since 1996, they have performed gigs that are more like rituals; mixing dance, elaborate costumes, poetry, theatre and fine arts. The line-up uses traditional instruments, such as darbuka and electric saz, together with wooden spoons, toys and added electronics. In addition to psychedelic rock and dub, another component of its sound is an Eastern reinterpretation. They regularly score movie soundtracks. The current line-up is a quintet with two members from the original trio: Levent Akman and Murat Ertel.