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Festival Musicas do Mundo Sines' Logo

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Welcome to FMM Sines / 19-28 July 2018

Great music from all over the world on one of the most spectacular coastlines in Europe.

Spectators, critics and performers all agree: one of the most exciting music events takes place in Sines, Alentejo, in the southwest of Portugal - a special place for listening to music of all styles.

The programme of FMM embraces and transcends the scope of world music. It is open to folk, jazz, alternative music, fusion and urban music. More than just a world music or traditional roots music festival, FMM Sines strives to discover the music of the real world as it is made and experienced in our times: music marked by associations between performers from different geographic and cultural origins, arising from the movements of ideas and people which define contemporary society.

From 19 to 22 July 2018, the festival is held in Porto Covo, a picturesque village surrounded by some of the best beaches in Portugal. From 23 to 28 July 2018 the festival moves to Sines, a small city brimming with history, with stages located in the medieval castle, on the urban beachfront and in the modern Arts Centre.